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Who should use the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard?

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/13/2015 - 10:39

The Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard can help decision makers, donors, conservation practitioners, scientists, and others at a variety of levels to learn about the status of biodiversity, its benefits, and threats. 
Examples of how the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard can help different users:

  • Representatives of multilateral agreements (e.g., Convention on Biological Diversity) can use the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard to track a variety of indicators of national progress toward Aichi Targets.
  • Officials at governmental and intergovernmental agencies can check on national indicators of progress toward the Aichi Targets.
  • Conservation investors can help identify important sites for conservation investment, and assess the success or failure of past investments using counterfactual analysis.
  • Conservation practitioners can target activities where the need is greatest, compare conservation outcomes with those in other river basins or countries.
  • Representatives of technical agencies collecting monitoring data can submit monitoring results for inclusion on the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard to reach a broad audience, including donors.